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Back in Italy in the spring of 1911 and took part in contests for professorships of philosophy in high schools succeeding sixth between appropriate and 17th on the list.

Gets extra duties for six months of philosophy in Lanciano, after which he was transferred to Urbino where he remained until the end of the school year 1911-12.

After he recovers, Josef travels to Denmark to visit a counselor that Hanna had seen after fleeing the war, seeking to learn more about her.

He then tracks her down at the factory in Northern Ireland where she works.

Make school 30 September 1886 July 22, 1957 Antonio Banfi was born in Vimercate (MI) on 30 September 1886; his family, Catholic and liberal principles, cultured tradition.

Henry's father, an engineer, was for forty years President of the Istituto tecnico di Mantova, il nonno Napoleonic officer and that was one maternal Strambio de Castilla (i.e. In this environment is formed then the young Antonio Banfi, who moves frequently between Mantua, where he studied at the liceo Virgilio, Vimercate and where the family usually spend summer holidays in his parents ' home, which houses a large library, first recollection of the young intellectual Banfi.

However, she leaves behind a backpack (apparently intentionally), and it contains enough information to give Josef a chance to find her.Despite his pain, Josef is constantly making jokes, some of them humorous sexual advances.Hanna's care for him includes holding the urinal and washing his entire body.They talk, and at first she keeps her distance, saying she couldn't be with him because she thinks one day she could drown them both in her sorrow.When he tells her that he will "learn to swim," she reciprocates the love.

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