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Video has emerged of a group of high school cheerleaders performing on the sidelines of a football field while seemingly wearing lingerie.The video uploaded to Fly Height captures the cheerleaders performing their synchronized routine, albeit appear to wear suspenders, boots and skimpy clothing. The scantily-clad girls, believed to be from a high school in Miami, were clad in blue in black and their coordinated dance was mostly composed of hip gyrations.The Cheer Board, the industry's top gossip website, is on fire with rumors of fighting and betrayal.The Twisters must reveal the identity and motives of this determined enemy before he/she destroys not only their chances at a championship, but their lifelong friendships as well.It's great for the family or just for the kids.

However, here are some basic tips to get you started…Great series for cheerleaders and fans of cheerleading alike.Well made series, dramatic and entertaining with a ton of great cheerleading action.Feeling the pressure of her new friends and team, Emma is embarrassed about her new life.She buries herself in lies to give herself a better image in her new friends eyes.

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