webservice not updating

work with old unmodified code in some cases, it is highly recommended to make a few changes to avoid future problems.

The biggest change to the Java Script Library is the move from a synchronous architecture to an asynchronous one.

The service will not try using any other port if an error occurs while using this option.

Click the Diagnose menu item within the context menu while the service is running.

If the self-test succeeds, a dialog box will appear asking you to open a test page in your browser to see if SSL certificate is working.

Click the Yes button to open your default web browser.

If you do not update your code to make use of asynchronous calls, the Java Script Library will fall back to the synchronous behavior upon accessing the library for the first time when a page is loaded. This is either the default port or the last known working one (i.e., the cached port number).

The library will use web service-based functionality if it successfully connects to the port.

The web service will normally try to use the first available port within the 41951-41960 range.

This move has several advantages, improved UI responsiveness and shorter discovery time while scanning the available port range.

Synchronous AJAX calls are already marked deprecated in most major web browsers, so we recommend switching to asynchronous Java Script Library initialization as soon as possible.

It handles all printer-related requests from the Java Script Library that the DYMO Label Framework browser plug-ins used to perform.

(For more information on the framework, please visit First, download the appropriate installer for your OS.

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