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For an HIV-negative person, those same crimes would be a misdemeanor punishable by no more than six months in prison for a first-time offense.Critics say the laws are relics of the past and demonize people infected with the virus.

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And 25 states criminalize activities such as spitting, even though they are unlikely to transmit the virus.

Texas courts have upheld that seminal fluid of a man living with HIV may constitute a deadly weapon.

In 2012, Illinois became the second state to revise its HIV crime laws, by requiring prosecutors to prove a defendant intended to transmit HIV and limiting prosecution to a more narrow definition of sexual activity. Last year, Colorado enacted a law that repealed two HIV criminalization statutes and revised another by requiring that all sexually transmitted infections be treated equally under the law, rather than singling out HIV for prosecution.

Now some states are looking to either repeal such laws or reduce their severity.

At issue is the balance between protecting public health and protecting the civil rights of individuals living with HIV.

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