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We know Jerry Jones salivated over Peterson a few years ago, and that thirst may still be there even with the best young running back in the game.

If not Dallas, then perhaps NFC North rival Green Bay could use Peterson on their run to another Super Bowl.

This position in free agency is the reason mock drafts are (mostly) useless until after the second week in March.Teams interested in the position: San Francisco, Chicago, Cleveland, Houston, New York Jets.This year’s group of running back free agents won’t exactly blow you away (outside of the top unrestricted free agent), but we can accept that, since this year’s running back draft class brings much more excitement.Peterson has dealt with injuries and suspension in recent years, and he's only had one 100-yard rushing game in his past eight starts.Is he still the guy who came within a first down of breaking the all-time single-season mark? He probably shouldn’t have come back from injury last season, and he’s just one year removed from a 1,400-yard season.

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