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This is one reason why I advise guys to invest in a masturbation sleeve like a Fleshlight or a Tenga – it’s a great way to ensure that you don’t train yourself to learn the wrong lessons (as it were) from solo sex.They’re also much closer to the feel of sex with another person – helping familiarize yourself with your own orgasm response during penetrative sex…They may use what Dan Savage has termed “the death grip” where they squeeze their penis like it owes them money; some guys masturbate by humping their mattress or the space between the bed and box-spring.As a result: they orgasm through regular sexual contact – much to their (and their partner’s) frustration.In fact, some “killer” sex techniques (especially any recommended by Cosmo) will more likely get you thrown out of bed instead of being hailed as a godly lover.first sexual encounter tends to be awkward; you’re dealing with a relative stranger, with his or her own preferences, turn-ons and deal-breakers. One person’s patented oral technique may deliver screaming orgasms with one partner and set another’s skin to crawling. I’ve lost track of how many people I’ve known who thought they were God’s own cocksmen, but whose girlfriends would later confide that they faked their orgasms.In fact, a person can have slept with dozens, even than how many tricks and secret techniques you’ve learned.It’s not just about being able to give the Transylvanian Twist or the Swirly-Go-Round.

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We live in a society that has a notable double-standard on sexuality, especially where virginity is concerned; male virgins (past a certain age) are seen as being immature, incomplete man-children, utter losers who can’t get a woman.There are no universal secrets to pleasing another person, man or woman. Some may like a finger up the backdoor while others may react violently. As a result: you have men going around convinced that they possess divine sex powers…right up until they encounter the first woman who didn’t have a problem letting him know of you rather than a case of “easy cum, easy go” – will reward you far more than just mindlessly banging anyone who happens to say “yes” once. Now, odds are that if you’re a virgin and don’t want to be, you’ve had some marathon masturbation sessions in your time.because it’s information our partners would rather dearly like to know.We like to make jokes-that-aren’t-really-jokes about how guys are easy to please and every guy jerks it the exact same way… Just as no two women masturbate the same way, neither do guys.

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    (see "Selected bibliography" below) According to Webster's New World Thesaurus, it was Laird who created this "eminently successful work": Laird was born in Nashua, Iowa and received his undergraduate education at the University of Iowa and went on to Columbia, Stanford, and Yale.

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