Intimidating black actors

To accuse the assailant could be disastrous to the victim’s career. You should have come out sooner.’ ” He’s received praise from other celebrities, such as actors Kal Penn and Alyssa Milano, for speaking out. ” added, “I deal with grown men everyday who are stuck in the ‘system’ of domestic abuse stemming from being molested by a mother’s boyfriend, family friend, cousin or uncle.

And when the victim finally does speak out, the incident might be minimized. Actor Aisha Tyler thanked him for telling his story in a tweet, adding, “Hopefully it makes others brave, regardless of their gender.” His openness also sparked an online conversation focused on sexual harassment, particularly involving male victims and the black community. I know that your story will help someone find” solace.

"My phone did not ring and I was down in the dumps," he said. Like, really depressed." Months later, the big break finally came when Williams received a fax with details about a role he would end up portraying in "The Wire," another tough-guy character named Omar Little who steals from drug dealers.

Actor Michael Kenneth Williams, best known for playing 1920s bootlegger Chalky White on "Boardwalk Empire" and thief Omar Little in "The Wire," struggled to land any roles until a near-death incident left a long scar on his face, he recently told the NPR radio program "All Things Considered." Until his 25th birthday, Williams performed as a backup dancer on music videos.The NFL-player-turned-actor began telling his story five days after the Weinstein scandal became public, while many women were sharing their painful stories of being sexually abused or harassed.In a series of 16 tweets, Crews became one of the first men to join them.“This whole thing from Weinstein to all that’s happening in Hollywood is about an abuse of power,” Crews said. Immediately you’re in a camp, because you’re trying to figure out when is the right time to come out,” Crews told Strahan.“An abuse of the position you have, and what happens is they’ve fooled everyone into thinking it’s part of the job.” Crews added that when a powerful person assaults someone lower on the professional ladder, the victim doesn’t have many options. “And then you get out, and then you finally find freedom, and someone says, ‘Well, it must not be that bad.

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