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My Mother got the call about am Pacific Standard Time that my father was killed. Over the next few months my Mother became more and more silent, hardly talking, hardly doing much of anything.

2 months before my 16th birthday I started to see my mother come out of her shell again, she would have terrible nights screaming and crying but the Doctor prescribed antidepressants seemed to keep her at bay.

This tale of my life I’m calling Lonely Mothers Milk.

This is my first time trying to put my memories into words so please give good feedback but don’t be mean.

My mother, myself, and a story that started our mother/daughter sexual encounters.

This is including: True Story, Female / Girl, First Time, Incest, Lactation, Lesbian, Masturbation, Written by women, Young genres.

Tonight was one of those night, as she woke up moaning in pain, I jolted awake and I heard her normal routine.So before I go further I guess I should explain who my Mother is.My mother is a 5’10 light skinned all American woman.She got up, sat up halfway asleep moaning, got out of bed and walked over the bathroom to pee.After she peed she would walk back to her bed, plug in her pump and lay down while the pump did its work. She plugged in the pump, I heard the springs compress as she sat back down on her bed and that’s when I heard her start to cry. I tore my sheets off and walked over to her room in my pajamas.

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