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One of the main reasons why we thought the new president would not do anything is that under the Angolan electoral system we vote for a party, not a candidate for president, and dos Santos remains the president of the ruling party. We knew there was disruption within the ruling party, but the level of disruption is only now becoming apparent. How is civil society reacting to these changes and the new opportunities that may open? The new president’s intentions appear to be good, so we should give him the benefit of the doubt.

In 2011, we decided that confrontation was the only way to go, because if we tried to do small projects on the side, they would only come and shut us down.

Geologically, it is located at terrains of the Sinú folded belt, a tectonically active sedimentary wedge evolving under the morphogenetic influence of numerous onshore and offshore manifestations of mud diapirism. During the dry season (December–April), the zone is under the influences of the N–NE Trade winds that generate swells with wave periods between 6 and 9 s and significant wave heights up to 2 m.

Net sand drift during the year in the area is toward the SW.

The Arboletes -Punta Rey landscape is configured by an emerged marine terrace, a diapiric dome with active mud volcanoes, and by cliffs and their associated erosional features including caves, arches, stacks, and scarps of mass movements.

I hope this interesting phase we're now in will shift us away from the need that we had before to be confrontational. I hope he takes in all this positive energy and he finds it contagious and carries on going. We are pushing for reform initiatives and showing the government that we are ready to back its actions if they are going to have positive repercussions in improving our lives and lifting the limitations we suffered from 1975 to 2017. What changes should take place to show that the new president is serious in seeking reform? The new president should acknowledge the need for a strong civil society, rather than try to co-opt it into government.

Even huge opponents of the old regime are applauding some of the new president’s initiatives. There are many simple things that can be done, and small steps can keep hope alive. It would help if civil society actors saw their points of view taken into consideration when major decisions are made.

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