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Bolivian pumas moved the shortest distances between camera stations and Argentinean pumas the longest, but distances among cameras and area covered by surveys varied among sites.

We applied a correction factor to the Bolivian data to account for the small area surveyed and found that, averaged across investigator, Bolivia had significantly more pumas per 100 km 6.80 ± 1.5) than Belize (3.42 ± 1.3) or Argentina (0.67 ± 0.2).

Although this method is relatively straightforward for well-marked species such as tigers and jaguars, there has been considerable debate about whether this technique could be applied to more subtly marked animals such as the puma.

Average agreement on identification between pairs of investigators was nearly 80.0% and 3-way agreement was 72.9%.

At 300 m above sea level, the Estaci Ön Isoso (18°25′S, 61°46′W) field camp lies within the Chaco plain transitional landscape system on the Bolivia-Brazil gas pipeline, near the western border of Kaa-Iya National Park.

The canopy averages 10–15 m, and the thick underbrush is dominated by terrestrial bromeliads and cacti.

We estimated densities of pumas following Karanth and Nichols (1998; see also Silver et al. We compared our estimates among investigators and sites and to those estimates that existed from other methods and study sites.

We also supplied recommendations for applying this technique in future studies.

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