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Ruhr is the new extension for the Ruhr, an urban area in Germany with over 5 million inhabitants, and it's the perfect choice for all individuals, organisations and businesses that are tied to this area.

These generic Top-Level domains are unrestricted so anyone can register .

These domain names are also often purchased by individuals and businesses based in Montenegro, or businesses which trade there.

For instance, if taken, you could try to register the country code for Somalia but anyone can buy and use domains. Originally created for commercial websites this has developed into the preferred first choice for any type of website.

And everything can be updated instantly, so people can always access your latest details.

When choosing a name to register please be aware that a domain cannot be 3 numbers and it has to include at least one a multi-purpose domain.

All applicants meeting the following qualifications may register a .

PRO domain name:- Provides professional services- Admitted to or licensed by a government certification body- In good standing with the licensing authority There will soon be a big surge in the South African economy (following a certain sporting event).

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