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Specialities: Geographical Work, Atlases, Wall Maps, Commercial and School, Cycling Maps, and Educational Publications. Ryde, George Poole Smith, William Stanford (General Manager). Agents in Bombay, Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto, Cairo, Boston. Patents: " Bagnall " and " Fairbairn " Rudder Coupling, " Armstrong " All-iron Anchor. Specialities: Stern and Rudder Frames up to fifteen tons weight; Chain, Cables and Anchors and Accessories.

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Premises: Saleroom at Eastcheap and extensive Warehouses in Featherstone Street, Finsbury, E. Agencies: Represented by travellers in United Kingdom. Telegraphic Address: " Badcock, Eastcheap, London." BADDELEY, JOHN, Velveteen Merchant, 18, Tariff Street, Manchester.

Bankers: Capital and Counties Bank, Ltd., Briton Ferry.

Telegraphic Address: " Bay, Briton Ferry." Code: A B C (5th Edition ).

Agencies: Glasgow, 5, Oswald Street; Hull, Exchange Buildings; Stockton, G.

Premises: Extensive, covering four acres at Hylton and one acre at Winlaton.

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