Stop dating com

When I meet a guy who says it's his favorite thing to do, I basically marry him in my mind.

We went to weird electronic music shows all over the eastern seaboard and stayed out all night. We wound up living in Colorado together for a short time. Moody men who spent more money on clothes than I did, who made strong espresso in fancy machines in the morning and got asymmetrical haircuts and could not communicate to save their lives. That said, I’m not sure there’s any way to cure oneself of the compulsion to date (sexy) people who are emotionally unavailable, verbally withholding or otherwise difficult — other than doing it for long enough that it becomes tiresome.

It's actually a great litmus test: Ask him to go down on you, and if he says he "doesn't do that," you'll know he's a pathetic loser who claims to be into you yet he is scared of a truly kickass part of you.

There are few things in my book that are cooler than a guy who loves going down on women.

While giving a Power Point presentation my Vista laptop decided to install new updates and I had to keep cancelling the ‘Shutting down in 10 minutes’ message box, which was very annoying.

How can I exercise more control over the downloading and installation of Windows updates and stop this happening in the future?

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