Updating nextval in sequence in oracle

But you can accumulate that content using Crystal formula logic into the tooltip expression for a field or a formula.

After selecting that field or formula, the CSR can simply hit If you refresh or reload the same report, the values you specified last time for each parameter are already selected, allowing you to accept or replace them.

Previously selected reports are listed in a grid and can be launched by double-clicking or by Right-Clicking or by selecting and clicking the Preview Tab.

You set that information for the file in Crystal (under the file, Summary Information menu).

The preview window looks similar to the preview window in Crystal except for a few enhancements: Export Button The export button "remembers" the last export format and file destination you used for each report.

If this is the first time you are exporting a report, the export format and folder will default to those used in the last export.

Unlinked subreport parameters participate in this process and are listed as [subreport name] - If you click the refresh button for a report that has at least 8 parameters (Options dialog allows you to change that number), a Save button becomes visible in the following dialog: If you click Save, the following dialog allows you to save the current parameters value set to Data Link_under a unique name for this report.

The next time you load this report, you would get a dialog that allows you select and reuse any of the saved named parameter sets for this report: Double-clicking any of the entries (or selecting an entry and clicking the OK button) would launch a dialog allowing you to reuse that set of saved parameter values or selectively change some of these saved parameter values.

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